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Healing does not mean that the pain never existed, it means that it no longer controls our lives

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Please note that I am not

Please note that as of March 2024 ,  I will be seeing clients in person at Hillcrest Psychology (905 988-9292) across from Brock University on Mondays and Tuesdays. You are welcome to contact them directly for availability and prices. Thank you


Have you ever felt overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted, or wondered how to break the destructive patterns ingrained by past experiences, or abuse that negatively impact your life today?


When we struggle to find meaning in what’s happened in our lives, our strong and often conflicting emotions can start to become all-consuming. But our emotions and the patterns we sometimes feel stuck in don’t have to be permanent. We can learn new habits and coping mechanisms to overcome our challenges.


I'm here to help

As a clinical psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I can help you understand your emotions and work with you to address them so you can lead a more peaceful life.


Embracing a warm, respectful client-centred approach, I work with you to provide an evidence-based treatment approach based on a variety of options, and your trust and confidentiality are always respected.


Wondering if psychotherapy is the right choice for you? Here are some symptoms that can be addressed during our time together:

  • A sense of being unable to cope with feelings of sadness, hopelessness or anxiety

  • You find it difficult to focus on daily tasks, work and relationships

  • You struggle with feeling angry or “out of control”

  • You are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol

  • You endured a loss (relationship, job or marriage) or death of a loved one and are overwhelmed by grief




Sometimes we need help understanding our emotions and how to manage them while we heal.

Dealing with difficult life events such as abuse, addiction, a job or relationship loss, mental illnesses or unresolved trauma can leave us feeling depressed, angry, empty and alone. 

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped my clients gain insight into the challenges they face so obstacles that might seem insurmountable can be overcome.


By learning about how your experiences have impacted your life and identifying tools and coping mechanisms that work for you, you can learn to approach your issues with a new perspective, take action to address them and get back to leading a peaceful, healthy life.


I have extensive experience in helping clients facing the following issues:


  • Anxiety, fear and panic

  • Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares

  • Depression, feelings of loneliness, sadness

  • Anger, feeling “out of control”

  • Trust issues

  • Grief and loss, including but not limited to death, divorce and separation, job loss, significant life changes

  • Trauma

  • Childhood abuse – physical, emotional, sexual

About Sue

Sometimes You Just Need

a Change of Perspective.

Psychotherapy Services

Embracing a warm and respectful approach, I will work with you to provide an individualized and research based treatment plan that may include:


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Mindfulness Therapy

  • Trauma Therapy

  • EMDR


What to Expect from our Sessions


Throughout the process, I work to:


  • Reinforce your inner strengths and abilities and expand on your capacities.  

  • Help you identify and develop coping skills and strategies to assist you with managing your symptoms

  • Support you in generating positive, effective solutions that will help you to overcome your obstacles and discover the opportunities that await you

Sessions are provided in a warm, comfortable environment with a focus on a collaborative, respectful approach - working together to understand and resolve the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are interfering with your quality of life.


Please contact me directly for video sessions and Hillcrest Psychology for in person sessions.


Please note that I am offering video and in person sessions 

Sue Lymburner

Psychotherapy Services



Phone: (905) 401-8807


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